Monday, October 19, 2009

Swimming against the Current

Swimming against the current. That's what we have decided to do. (In a sense that is what all Christians do day in and day out.) We have begun to gather our resources, look at our options and make some huge life-changing decisions. The road is not going to be smooth and easy(it never has been), but we will be in it together with Christ leading us. No specifics just yet, that will be another day(and another post). We do ask for your prayers!! They are going to be greatly needed! Pray for guidance and perseverance. Pray that we have our hearts, eyes, and every other part of us open to what our Lord is telling us He wants us to do!
On another note: I have begun a little sewing endeavor. If anyone would like anything please let me know! All profits from your purchase will be used towards our secret project. (know that it is a great secret!!) and now a few pics of what I will be selling:

Pillowcase dresses(and yes Hannah is crying)

I have many different fabrics!


Hannah's ladybug tutu

Appliqué shirts

Bleached shirts

I will have many more things one here soon(ex. burp cloths, blankets, cloth blocks) Let me know if you need anything, I will be more than happy to create something for you! Thanks and HAPPY MONDAY!!

I am thankful for having freedom and the ability to worship when & how I choose. Not everyone has this right.

P.s. Sometimes God doesn't ask us to take a step, He asks us to JUMP!