Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woah!! It has been a super long time since I updated this! Well here goes; it shouldn't be too much. :)

Gabe is now 6 and has just this week started 1st grade. Hicks Academy is in full swing. He is doing great!! We hit another milestone yesterday 08/17/2011: he lost his first tooth. Milestones with him are few and far between, so we relish in any of them. The tooth fairy left him $2. He was so excited to add to his money jar. He $4 closer to his Star Wars Lego set he is saving for. Gabe is such a story teller! Right at this moment he is telling me about a robot mouse he built and keeps hidden. He feeds it cheese to keep it quiet so we will not find it. That is just one of the stories I have heard since I have been home for oh just about 3 hours. I have no idea where he comes up with it?! He has a great imagination!

Hannah just turned 3 last Saturday. She will soon start school at the Burkett Center. This is a little sad for mommy. Our baby girl is growing up! She will be going to school outside of our home so she can get the therapy she needs. Hannah has advanced so much over this last year! We are super proud of our Hannah bug!! We are in the process of getting her a push chair/wheel chair. I never realized how expensive these things are! The one we really hope to get her is called a Special Tomato chair and it's around $4,000. We are praying that Medicaid and our insurance will cover most of the cost. If not you may see us doing a "Get Hannah a Chair Fund".

Sarah turned 1 on July 29. She is our little chunky monkey! She has such a personality. She babbles and squeals whenever she sees or hears us. She is rolling over and pushing up with her hands. She is not crawling yet, but maybe in the coming months. Sarah is showing signs of whatever Hannah has, to which we still have no diagnosis. We will meet with a new team of doctors in September. They will be working with Dr. Lose, our genetics specialist and Dr. McGrath, our neurologist. Hopefully we will uncover some answers when we meet.

I have started a little crafty hobby thing. Don't know what to call it. :) Crafty business maybe? The name of this little endeavor is Sweet Birdie Art. I haven't done too much except start a Facebook Fan Page and an email address. You should check it out on FB. If you would like anything please contact me via FaceBook or email: I would love to create something for you and your family! :)

I will try and post on here more. I can't make any gurantees to the frequency of said postings, but I will try to update at least once a week. I am a wife, mommy and full-time employee outside of the home. (hopefully that last part will change in the coming months) I really want to be a stay-at-home mommy, but God has everything planned.

Hope you have a great Friday tomorrow and a great weekend!