Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I want:

What I want: To travel the road less traveled. To live on a farm, either here or there. To have the walls painted sky blue. To have a craft room. painted yellow. Yellow makes me smile. It's just a cheery color. To have my husband home at night. To be a stay-at-home mom. To cloth diaper. To learn more about my kids. To not complain. To eat all organic. To study more of The Word. To know Him in a much deeper way, not the superficial way. To be more artsy. To see the world in color, not black and white as most see it. To be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend. To be more creative. To experiment more with food. To go. when and wherever we want. To not be judgmental. To get a tattoo. To continue to have this fire burning in my heart and not let the enemy put it out. To ramble on and on and on and on.