Saturday, January 16, 2010

Answered Prayers

Oh my! Where have I been?? I have not posted since October! Well a lot has gone on since last post. Holidays, new baby(niece), adoption talk and ...........BABY NEWS!
Yes we are expecting our 3rd baby. We are so very excited! We had our first ultrasound yesterday and got some pictures of our sweet blessing. This is answered prayers! We were wanting to have another baby, but we had to let God control that part. He is the one who gives life. Our due date is August 11, 2010. I know that is super close to Hannah's birthday (08/13/08).
I have been nauseated of course and super tired! My clothes are beginning to get a little snug, but I am no where near as big as I was with Hannah at this point. Nothing major right now.
In other news, Hannah has started sleeping in her Pack-n-Play at night & she is going to sleep on her own! This is MAJOR!! She still wakes up crying in the middle of the night, but normally goes right back to sleep without us having to get her. Now if we can only get Gabe to sleep in his room, then we will have our bed for a few months before new baby arrives.
Also, we have had some discussions on adoption. David and I feel God is calling us to adopt from Ethiopia. We have some major things to do before that day comes. We are continuing to seek God and His purpose for our lives. Please be in prayer with us on this and with new baby.
I am going to get better at updating, especially since God has us on a crazy journey! (Which we are super excited about) Have a great weekend!!

P.s. Please be in prayer for the people of Haiti! Seek God during this time and see where He leads you. Maybe you can get involved in some sort of relief effort!