Monday, July 27, 2009

Just watched this. Think I'm going to order one of these shirts!

Monday Fun day

Today was an AWESOME day! I was off work and got to spend the day with David and the kids! I loved it!! We went out to lunch for Gabe's fav, pizza and then headed to the park. I forgot the camera, so no pictures. :( But we spent a couple of hours playing. We had a blast! I'm off tomorrow to help with cooking for the Nest. (also have a dr appt)
What is the Nest you ask? The Nest is a homeless ministry here in downtown Birmingham. Our church prepares food and serves it downtown under the interstate overpass to the homeless of the city. It is AMAZING!! For the past several months David has headed up the preparing and cooking of the food, something he enjoys tremendously. We also have a medical clinic that provides basic meds and other things to the people. We have tons of doctors and nurses who come and give of themselves freely! It is so wonderful to see everyone together showing the love of Christ. If you live here or some place near and want to help please do so! We would love for you to come. We (Agape church) go down every 4th Tuesday of the month to minister. Let me know if you want to be a part of this! I will try to post some pics of The Nest soon!
Since I have no pics from today, I will post some old ones. I hope everyone has a super great Tuesday!

This is Miss Hannah at the zoo.

Gabe riding Big Joe, the camel.

Gabe has so much fun! His first camel ride!

Daddy & big boy Gabe

Mommy & baby girl Hannah
(her first train ride!)

Gabe loves to ride the train(as you can see)

Hannah enjoying the breeze on the train.

Gabe ringing the bell after our train ride.

My 2 scary lions!

Gabe wanted a pic of them on the tractor.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Middle of the week. **Post I found in my Drafts from 2009**

It's Wednesday. Smack in the middle of the week. At this moment I'm sitting here watching Hannah try to figure out how to get her knees under her so she can scoot. She still doesn't push up with her arms, but she is trying. She has gotten rolling over down! She has been doing great with that, now we have to get her to push up!
We did not have our party Saturday. We went to the store and got cupcakes, brownies and lots of other yummy party snacks. Gabe decided he wanted to share them, so we took them to Nana and Papa's for Sunday night family dinner. We go over to David's parents' house every Sunday night for a big family dinner. It's great! We love spending time with the whole family and it's great fellowship! We thank Nana and Papa so very much for allowing us to crash their home every Sunday!! If you've ever seen Home Alone, remember the opening scenes of the family running around crazy and all noisy-that is every Sunday night with us! We love it and would not trade it for anything! Although Nana is going to have to get a bigger dining room table. We keep adding kids! Here's the breakdown of who comes to family dinner: Nana, Papa, Christopher, Sidney, Alyson(David's older sister), David(or DMac, Aly's husband), their children Josey(7), Anna(4soon-to-be5) & Will(2) (& soon-to-be baby sister in November), David(my hubby), me(Kristy), and our children Gabe(4) and Hannah(11mths). Needless to say it's like a party every Sunday!
Hannah had therapy today. It was with Donna, her Occupational therapist. It was a good session. I'm not sure what they worked on, I was at work. :( I wish I could be here for her sessions, but unfortunately I miss them because of work. Hannah starts next month with going down to the ARC for group sessions. Very exciting! It will give her more interaction with children her age and hopefully motivate her to do more things, explore her environment and so on! Here are a few pics of her rolling.

Look of determination. Ready to go!

Got on my side!

Almost there!

So happy!! She just got done eating. Needs a clean face! :)

I think I'm about to go read for a little while before bed. I hope everyone has a blessed Thursday.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today we have been lazy! It's been nice, though. No place to be, nothing to do. I got to sleep in for the first time in a long time! I woke at 9:30 am! Daddy did mow the lawn today and while he was busy doing that, Gabe, Hannah & I went to pick up lunch. After lunch Daddy had to go to work. :( He's a chef and has to work nights & weekends. Hopefully he will get off around 9 pm tonight!
Gabe has decided we're going to have a party tonight. For what you ask? I have no idea. Do you really need a reason to have a party? I don't think so. We're about to go to the store & pick some things for our party. Gabe has requested a chocolate cake. I guess we will be on our hunt for a yummy chocolate cake. I have no idea what to cook for dinner. I'm thinking of picking up pizza (Gabe's favorite)
On another note, Hannah is a rolling machine! She is doing so good about rolling from her back to her tummy! She is now 11 months old & is doing good with therapy. She will soon be a whole 1 year old! We have decided to give Miss Hannah a pink princess party. I've found the cutest princess things at Hobby Lobby(they are way cheaper than Michael's) I can not believe our baby girl is almost 1!!! This year has flown by!
We are about to leave for the store. I will post more later. Party & more!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All-Star Game

It has been a very long time since I last posted. I'm going to get better at this, I promise! :) I don't really have too much to write about at this time. I thought I would share some pics from the minor league All-Star Game we went to on Monday night. We had tons of fun! I had received a family ticket from work, so David & I had decided to take Gabe and Hannah. We also took Christopher & Sidney, too. They were a hoot! They are David's AWESOME younger siblings!

Family picture-Me, David, Gabe & Hannah at the All-Star game.

Gabe loves his sister!

Gabe enjoying his yummy ballpark hotdog.

Mouth just a little too full!

Christopher with his mouth full of not-so-good fries!

Christopher & Gabe

Sidney really enjoying her funnel cake. ha!

Yummy funnel cake!

Daddy & Hannah

Hannah finally went to sleep. She was so tired!

Gabe not too much interested in the game. :)

The fireworks show after the game. It was AWESOME!

Gabe loved the fireworks! We all enjoyed them!