Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shhh! You'll wake the babies. :)

Right now it is super quiet in our home. Why? Gabe and Hannah are both asleep. This doesn't happen often so I'm very much enjoying it! I am on vacation this week and have not done very much of anything. It's been raining most every day, but that's ok. At least I'm at home with the family! David has taken some time off, too, except right now he had to go in to close tonight. He is off the rest of the week!
My birthday was last Friday, Oct. 9. I did take that day off also and it was nice! We had a very good day of doing nothing. Sunday David was able to come to church with us (he normally works, but was able to close on this day) which was AWESOME! He hasn't been to a morning service since Easter. After church we went to his mom's for my birthday lunch. We had super yummy food! His mom always lets the birthday person choose the menu. I chose chicken, pinto beans, cornbread, baked mac&cheese and pineapple casserole. We had carrot cake with cream cheese icing, which was so good!
Today has been a super lazy day and I think I need to get up and do something. (like clean) I did buy a new shower curtain the other day to celebrate fall. It's cute. That's about all I've done this week. Oh well that's why I'm on vacation. To do nothing. :)
On another note: Gabe and I were watching a video the other night about orphans in Ethiopia. Gabe asked why the kids were called orphans and I explained they have no mommies or daddies, that they live in a home with others and are taken care of by nannies. He then asked if we could get him a new brother that doesn't have a mommy or daddy and let him come live with us. He said he would love him like he loves Hannah and he would share all his toys and his room. He then wanted to pray that God would send the children mommies and daddies to love them. How amazing that God can stir the heart of a 4 year old with a simple video! God has been touching mine and David's heart, too. Through simple little things: stickers on cars, videos sent to us in emails, songs, meeting adopted little girls at the park(this happened yesterday & yes this little girl was so cute!) Who knows where God will lead us? Only He does. What we will do is listen to Him and continue to pray for His guidance and provision.
I have joined a new women's small group and we are reading Me, Myself, & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild. So I think I will go and study today's section while I have quiet time. Happy Wednesday!
Things I'm thankful for: 1. God's mercy, 2. sleepy, rainy days, 3. VACATION! 4. sleeping babies.
Have a good rest-of-the-week. :)

Yes he is wearing my old gown from HS graduation. He found it today & decided he was going to play wizards. too funny!

my baby girl getting her beauty rest.

These next 2 are from our last trip to the zoo. Aubie was there & Gabe just had to have his pic made w/ him. No we are not Auburn fans. Gabe didn't know who he was. We also got to see them feed the tiger(they didn't feed him Aubie, Daddy asked.) :)

Gabe was so excited!

This is from a few weeks ago, but I just love watching my babies sleep! and yes they do sleep in the bed with us. Both of them! When we have more babies we will have to buy a bigger bed. Does anyone know if they make anything bigger than a king? just kidding!